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GENSHIN IMPACT (GLOBAL) UID Direct Topup l 原神 (国际服) UID 直充

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【How to get your UID?】

1) Click on paimon avatar in the top-left corner of your screen. 
2) Your UID will be displayed below your username. 

1) 点击屏幕左上角的派蒙头像。
2) 您的UID将显示在您的用户名下方。


【First Top-Up Bonus】
If your in-game Character has never topped up via the game or any platform, you can:

Top up 300 Genesis Crystals to get 600 Genesis Crystals
Top up 980 Genesis Crystals to get 1960 Genesis Crystals
Top up 1980 Genesis Crystals to get 3960 Genesis Crystals
Top up 3280 Genesis Crystals to get 6560 Genesis Crystals
Top up 6480 Genesis Crystals to get 12960 Genesis Crystals



【Blessing of the Welkin Moon】

Each time you purchase Blessing of the Welkin Moon, you will immediately receive 300 Genesis Crystals and 30 days of the Blessing.
During this 30-day period, you can claim 90 Primogems each day when you log in.

1)The duration of the Blessing of the Welkin Moon can only be extended if its remaining duration is 180 days or less.
2) You cannot purchase an additional blessing if your remaining duration exceeds 180 days. If unique circumstances result in a repeat purchase anyway,
the duration will not be extended, and instead you will be refunded 330 Genesis Crystals directly.
3) There will be no refund for any Primogems that are not claimed via login during the Blessing's duration.
4) Travelers with an Adventure Rank below 5 are temporarily unable to view the number of days remaining on their Blessing of the Welkin Moon.


2) 如果您的剩余持续时间超过180天,您将无法购买额外的祝福。如果特殊情况导致重复购买,则不会延长持续时间,而是直接退还330创世水晶。
3) 在祝福期间未通过登录领取的原石将不予退款。
4)冒险等级低于5的旅行者暂时无法查看他们的Welkin Moon祝福的剩余天数。

【Leave your information as below】

【Game Name】- Genshin Impact
【Game Server】- Asia/US/EU/TW
【Char Name】-
【Game UID】-
【Game Pack】-


【游戲名称】- 原神
【服務    器】- Asia/US/EU/TW
【游戏 UID】-

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