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TOWER OF FANTASY (GLOBAL) UID Direct Topup l 幻塔 (国际服) UID 直充

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【How to get your UID?】

1) Click on setting in the top-right corner of your screen. 
2) Your UID will be displayed below your username. 

1) 点击屏幕右上角的设定选项。
2) 您的UID将显示在您的用户名下方。Untitled

【First Top-Up Bonus】
If your in-game Character has never topped up via the game or any platform, you can:

Top up 60 Tanium to get 60 Dark Crystals
Top up 300 Tanium to get 300 Dark Crystals
Top up 980 Tanium to get 980 Dark Crystals
Top up 1980 Tanium to get 1980 Dark Crystals
Top up 3280 Tanium to get 3280 Dark Crystals
Top up 6480 Tanium to get 6480 Dark Crystals


充值980钛 晶可获得980黑水晶
充值1980钛 晶可获得1980黑水晶
充值3280钛 晶可获得3280黑水晶
充值6480钛 晶可获得6480黑水晶

【Leave your information as below】

【Game  】- Tower of Fantasy
【Server 】-


【游戲名称】- 幻塔
【服務    器】-
【游戏 UID】-

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